That these hands may sing a song of joy...
Celebrating beauty with colors...

Aloha from old historic Wailuku, Maui. 

My art interprets the beauty I see in colorful batik and oil.  Two very different medium.  Batik comes to me as a cultural heritage.  Oil as a freedom I adopted living in Maui.

Life in Maui is a joy, living in contented simplicity enjoying God's free gift.

These simple joys I express in the colors of my work.  The ethereal beauty of a flower no kingly splendor can compare.  The sublime song in a Maui sunrise given freely to all who will stop to receive.   The lush beauty of this island that refused to be possessed.  The incredible pallette of the ocean bathed in the golden light of a late summer afternoon windsurfing here in the northshore of Maui. 

These are some of the visions that inspire me.  Not to copy since the original bears the Creator's extravagant mark.  But to freely interpret as I Iearn to exercise the gift given me.

- Phil Soo
It's my honor to have you take time to look at the work I do. 

I try my best to organise my work in the gallery section without being too obsessive. 

In short, my art is organised into 2 galleries.  Batik Gallery and Oil Impasto Gallery .

Information on how to purchase is in How to Buy .

​I stick my ramblings about my current art projects in my Blog


Meaningful interpretations with exuberance in colors.