​With these next 3 pieces, I paint reef fish.  With each piece, I take the form of at least one subject seriously but I'm not too compulsive about the colors.  So long as they are bright and makes you smile.
​Title:  Moorish Idol
​Size:  Approx 8"x10"  $290
Title:  Clown Fish
​Size:  Approx 10"x10"   ​$320 SOLD
Title:  Long Nose Butterfly
​Size:  8"x10" canvas board  $290
​Inspired by a favorite clump of tall red and yellow heliconia outside my kitchen
here in my old Wailuku plantation home.  Made mid town feels like somewhere in

Title:  Red and Yellow
​Size:  Approx 12"x16"  ​$450  SOLD

Inspired by a view of Hamoa beach outside of Hana.

​Title:  Sunny Tropical  Shores
​Size:  Approx 12"x16"  ​$450 Sold
​The ever popular honu.  I see them on a regular basis when I go windsurfing outside the reef at Kanaha.  Very often in groups of 2 or 3.  Here I want to give the idea of the honu flying through the waters under a breaking wave.  Light shimmering on its back.

​Title:  Honu
​Size:   Approx 8"x10"  ​$300 Sold
Amgel trumpets are a sight to behold when the small tree is in full bloom.  This is inspired by one I have growing on the side of my house as viewed with the morning light filtering through. 

​Fairly tight execution with the edge of the knife to create beautiful vein like texturing for the 2 main blossoms.  Leaves and background loosely handled to showcase the blending of colors.

​Title:  Angel Trumpets
​Size:  Approx 16"x16"  $700