​Mauna Leo rising up on the south side of Iao Valley is a dominant feature of the mountainous landscape from my kitchen window.  In this piece, I borrowed the profile of the back side of Mauna Leo and turned the fore ground into a kalo field with the idea of the Wailuku River flowing freely down the valley.

​Title:  Nurture the Land
​Size:  Approx 12"x16"  ​$500 Sold
​A somewhat classical approach to the koi with the favored red and black on a snow white body.  A reminder of the face of a geisha.

​Title:  Three Koi
​Size:  Approx 8"x10"  $300
​While I am on a koi kick, I decided to  paint another piece of one of my favorite subjects.  But much more playful with the coloration here.  The privilege of  artistic liberty in bringing the leaves and koi into a different light.  A peek into heavenly possibilities.

Title:  Three Flowers
​Size:  Approx  14"x16"  $700
​Here I celebrate a few things.  My Asian roots and my love of the beauty and tranquility a garden should provide.  The rugged West Maui mtn behind my house.  My unabashed love for colors.  All thrown together here.  A simple impasto approach with the sky, moutain and foregroud waters.  Fine knife edge work to build up the garden in the middle.

​Size:  Approx 16"x24"  $1500

​Kona storms in the winter can bring ferocious southerly winds and rain by the buckets.  The heavy moisture laden clouds rise high into the sky.  If there is enough of a break in the morning, these clouds can color up into the most memorable sunrises.  But as the saying goes 'Red skies at dawn, sailors be warned'.

Title:  Red Skies
​Size:   Approx  12"x16"  $500
​This is inspired by the beauty I find at Waihee.  I went down to the beach to learn how to paddle a short board I was gifted with.  The clear shallow waters of Waihee seems the ideal choice.  Waihee is a gift of beauty.  Here I capture a sense of the place floating out in the waters.  The colors of the colors below me.  The awesome Waihee Valley rising up from the shore.  Beautiful Maui skies above.

Title:  Beautiful Waihee
​Size:  Approx 14"x16"  $600